LongBall Gate

Dear gentle creature, though you may have quested for a longball of athletic form, instead you have landed in the most dangerous place in the observable universe. A place where the human mind is no mind at all. It is podcast sorcery.

All six shows bare no harm or maleficence to your identity and inhibitions. LongBall Studios and its many ball players have a few words for you. Unpucker and live free…

We have.

Ms. Mister Elephant, CEO.



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A panel of hosts has ‘improvised’ many voyages to the deepest rabbit hole of one's Donald with LongBall Studios premiere talk show, TALKIN’ CHAT

They and a myriad of unearthly creatures will sweet-talk you into the ever expending LongBall-Multiverse.

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In a world, two brave souls venture boldly, but mostly blindly, in the murky waters of Heroism. Perhaps the greatest podcast in the observable universe, BUFFY vs BAUER, is a Hero’s journey to their innerspace

From beneath you, it devours.

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An amusing comic book discussion argued amongst the best of friendships.

An uncanny selection of graphic novels vivisected one book at a time.

Ultimately, their movie adaptation will drive all of us fantastically (four) insane, just for a good laugh.

Start that Tape!

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Yes, they did with the quintessential 90’s TV Mega Hit, Beverly Hills, 90210.

LongBall Studios brightest and bravest podcast makers, plus one additional person, wrestle their brains and etc. in hope to understand what in the world is going on with Brenda and Brandon Walsh? Why is Dylan McKay so irresistible? Are Steve Sanders and Kelly Taylor for real or just from the upside-down? Was parenting not a thing in the 90’s? Was it ever? Paul Bunyan meets Rodeo Drive?

9021 OH NO YOU DINNIT! is the only podcast where answers become invaluable lessons and your wildest dreams come true in this totally fetch podcast.

Also, Tori Spelling is a comedy revelation.

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Whether exploring the Olympus of cinema or farts in space, LongBall Studios’ fellow cinemaphiles sacrifice everything in SPOILED AGAIN, a world class podcast which reviews two sides of the same genre, sub-genre and sub-sub you know where I’m going with this, Right?

Curses!! You may tell them.

Well, you’ve been warned, spoil is in the title…

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Truth seekers welcome!

You have picked the perfect place to wet your whistle on random topics, such as Haunted Houses, The Toothbrush, Cryptids and many more.

LongBall Studios labored with due diligence to bring you, through your hear-holes, brilliant subject-matters in LONGBALL PRESENTS..., a podcast dedicated to the truth-knowledge of a wide plethora of fun and fascinating je ne sais quoi…